Made a few changes

April 17, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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The Don was out of commission last week thanks to some snitching chump in New Jersey (NJ just joined England on my list of hoe ass places) ….Anyway i made a few changes since i had a swagga jacking clown jocking my steez, i bet hes looking right now finding new ways to steal my swagga …. Aye yo homie hop off my bozak new changes include …

contact form so you can email me

avi’s – i promise u that swagga jacka will have em b4 the weeks over

and ….. ull see

btw the blue theme will change back to the old green and white joint next week after a code gets fixed


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One Comment on "Made a few changes"

  1. Belize on Wed, 18th Apr 2007 8:26 am 

    This shyt feels like American Idol…lol…on the real congrats on the new look

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