Daily Wrap Up ….. DMX dissing the west coast

April 5, 2007 by Don of Dons  
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3 6 mafia will be playboys next celebrity guest photographers

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is DMX trying to start another east coast west coast war ?

 “But I don’t like a lot of West Coast rappers. West Coast rap is too laid back, too focused on marijuana with all the blunts and lowriders”

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 chris_lighty.jpg 50-cent.jpg

Chris Lighty claims 50s comments about buck on yesterdays miss jones show was a late april fools day joke

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MR Cheeks is working in the studio working on a new album . On Stephen Marley Tuff gong  label

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Beyonce launches her world tour & annonces her us tour dates

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Nelly talks to mtv

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Jay-z is about to sign on to promote ACE of Spades champange

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5 Comments on "Daily Wrap Up ….. DMX dissing the west coast"

  1. e_rawS on Sat, 7th Apr 2007 12:58 am 


  2. Belize on Wed, 11th Apr 2007 4:24 pm 

    U slippin folk

  3. jnoe187 on Thu, 12th Apr 2007 3:56 am 

    TRUE: In a message on his blog, Violator founder and hip hop mogul Chris Lighty denies accusations that he and his brother were assaulted: “No, I didn’t get attacked. No I didn’t see my brother get any stitches, let alone 103. Yes, I am tired of all of this bullshit and particular propaganda of the negative sort.” BELIEVE ME: Lighty also went on to say he’s “absolutely sure” 50 wasn’t involved in the alleged altercation with Jimmy Henchman’s teenage son. For Chris’ credibility as one of hip hop’s successful businessmen, we hope he’s right; however, it’s a fair assumption there’s more to the story than what’s out there.

  4. jnoe187 on Thu, 12th Apr 2007 12:25 pm 

    SAY IT AIN’T SO: It looks like DMX’s comments about the West Coast may have gotten him into some hot water with Crooked I; apparently, the one-time Death Row artist is going at the Dark Man, calling him a “pookie from New Jack.” Ouch!

  5. corpse of illwill on Mon, 16th Apr 2007 9:40 pm 

    damn, this place really died with the IC down, huh

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