SMH Your kid gets smacked up and this is the best yall can come up with

What kind of bull ish is this? trust me if someone touches my picknin there wont be any dumbass rally . The heaters will come out ….yup. I mean G unit clapped one of them last yr , strongarmed one of their kids …. and the best they can do is sneak into 50s back yard steal a rim while no one is home , and do a anti g unit rally …. smh


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2 Comments on "SMH Your kid gets smacked up and this is the best yall can come up with"

  1. fevermc on Thu, 5th Apr 2007 2:18 am 

    lmfao your damn right there my nucca, this is bull ish, i will lay to rest anyone that touched my son/sons these dudes are straight up homo

  2. birdmane12 on Tue, 10th Apr 2007 6:57 pm 

    yall niggas dumb so u kill a motufucka now yo ass in jail ova da shit u dumb niggas i think da nigga son wuld ratha have his daddy out of jail ratha than him serving life cuz who gonna raise him not one of yall dumb ass nigga

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