Alleged Skeeo Joss Stone disses Christina Milian

March 29, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Joss Stone is only dissing christina Milian because she knows milian wont steal her in her mouth … Ugly broads is always starting some ish

” When Christina Milian’s name came up in conversation, Stone, according to writer Aliya S. King, “doesn’t bother to hide her disdain for the woman who Dozier, now Stone’s ex-boyfriend, once dated.”

Christina Milian

Stone told King: “I could tell you some stories about her… ,” then launched into a “profanity-laced tirade against the pop star.”

King writes: “After I point to my tape recorder, reminding her that she’s on record, Stone doesn’t quit. Instead, she continues to go off on Milian and, even worse, Milian’s mother. ‘I’m just honest,’ Stone concludes with a shrug.”

“Christina has never met Joss,” Milan’s publicist responds. “She can’t imagine what this is all about.”


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One Comment on "Alleged Skeeo Joss Stone disses Christina Milian"

  1. jnoe187 on Fri, 30th Mar 2007 4:16 am 

    Joss is tripping !
    I’d bang them hoe’s ouT ! !

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