The Game set tripping rocking blue @ his baby shower

March 27, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see more pics inside)

The Game at his Baby Shower rocking blue… i wonder what the cedar street bloods think about this ..specially that big dude that knocked out his brother


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2 Comments on "The Game set tripping rocking blue @ his baby shower"

  1. samrothstein on Tue, 27th Mar 2007 9:03 pm 

    baby blue, strawberrys and butterfly tatoo’s

    hes almost too much of a thug for the industry

  2. lovemylife on Wed, 28th Mar 2007 11:23 am 

    damn. It’s a baby shower for a baby boy. Can a brother live? Crabs in a bucket I swear. I am very happy for the beautiful black couple.

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