New Lil Wayne MIXTAPE “the Drought 3″ ft Birdman & DJ Khaled

March 27, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Imma check this mixtape out because Muh F—kas say lil wayne is dumb nice , but the songs i hear from him he doenst seem all that nice. cats need to stop playin because Wayne in NOT lyrical. matter of fact I dare someone to post a track where lil weezy gets busy


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14 Comments on "New Lil Wayne MIXTAPE “the Drought 3″ ft Birdman & DJ Khaled"

  1. Belize on Tue, 27th Mar 2007 1:09 pm 

    As lyrical as he gets…

    But remember, he was never known as the “lyrical” one in the “Hot Boyz”, he was more of the cat with the ill flow…

  2. itsjimbo2007 on Wed, 28th Mar 2007 8:30 am 

    u are retarded- if u are advanced enough to have any music downloading programs (seeing as u are still in the 90s in ur beliefs about Waynes rapping ability)
    then download these songs.
    Moment of Clarity freestyle
    Renegade Freestyle
    Anything from the Prefix, Suffix, Dedications 1 or 2, or Sqad Up 5-7.

  3. jnoe187 on Thu, 29th Mar 2007 4:43 am 

    FUK WANYE , FUK THIS MIXTAPE im sick of hearing this stupid fool on the radio he’s soo full of himself ! !

  4. Pierre Esco on Thu, 29th Mar 2007 9:37 am 

    he stole his style from Gillie Da Kid…

  5. tiggerr on Mon, 23rd Apr 2007 10:00 am 

    ya`ll are fuck`n crazyy.
    wayne aint steal shxt from no one.
    gillie can suck a dickk.
    he had no reason startin` the shxt he did.
    i bet he regrets that shxt too.
    && if ya`ll hatin then whyy the FUCKKKK youu on this shxt lookin`
    upp his mixtapes “&& shxt.
    get a life dumbasss!

  6. ChaldoF*kin Wayne on Mon, 17th Sep 2007 2:54 pm 

    U guys r all F*kin stupid so u can all just shut ur dumbasses up, lil wayne is the sh*t n i agree w/ the person who rote be4 me he didnt steal ish from nobody y’all just mad leave him alone or give him all the credit he deserves or else if u aint then leave his f*kn mixtapes alone n get a life!!!!!

  7. Mr Mention on Mon, 17th Sep 2007 3:21 pm 

    you lil wayne stans disgust me . wayne owes his style to gillie, if it wasn’t for him he would still be wobble de wobbling

  8. kimbay on Tue, 18th Sep 2007 10:12 am 

    fuck all yall hoes a55 ni99a5 out thrr hatin on mii ni99a lil wayne he ill ni99a nnd yall no it

  9. desinaye on Tue, 18th Sep 2007 1:38 pm 

    this is my babay he is the shit i really love his song duffe bag boy
    and like his saids fuck what this hater think lwt theme keep haten wow i get the fame and the grapes .baby #trap gurl babay
    nanay form georgia babay!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Love wayne on Wed, 3rd Oct 2007 8:34 am 

    why do yall have to hate on Lil Wayne? i mean yeah he gettin more money than have you niggas out there but thats cause he works for that shit. ha lil wayne is a beast . Every body cant be the best rapper alive. so to all you rappers out there im sorry but lil wayne has that spot. People sayin lil wayne tryin to be like gillie. but i dont wanna here that shit. Gillie been feel off. he should not even consider his self a rapper any more. real talk.

  11. Tear Drop Queen on Mon, 8th Oct 2007 7:53 pm 

    Wayne is nice…..Over the years his flow has gotten tight…..and ppl say he got his flow from gillie this that or the third………Cant be that becuz if u ever heard gillie spit and then u listen to wayne spit…..u not hearing the same flow…now if gillie just introduced wayne to a new flow then say that becuz wayne has mastered the flow that he has now…..Nd Gillies point of view is well noted…..wayne never should have took a shot ( and wen ppl take shots u take shots bac at em) but gillie aint around him now and aint been around since the end of the Carter 1. Wayne been coming off for while ppl been sleepin on him but some of his old stuff is hot its just his flow may not have been tough enough for the presentation that was needed for the tracks…..but ppl dont send shots at wayne unless u have analyzed the words that are coming out of his mouth.

  12. Bulletin News on Tue, 9th Oct 2007 12:38 am 

    Outstanding blog post talking about DJ Khaled : SMARTENUPNAS.COM. Always love this point of view!

  13. caliyah on Mon, 5th Nov 2007 12:03 pm 

    i love lil wayne!!! i kno all of his songs. and aniiibody who say fukk lil wayne…i say fukk dem and dey can sukk a dikk dem sevlves!!!!

  14. B~nAsTy on Tue, 18th Dec 2007 2:45 pm 

    F u c k niggs talkin that s h I t bout my son weezy baby man that nigg the truth come down here to louisiana and talk that shit man he the coldest nigg from cash money and gillie man hahaha like wayne say “gillie man I don’t think you niggas should realy fuck with me” dats some real shit for that gillie man bull shit son halla at ya son dat nasty nigg B~nAsTy wayne do work s0n keep ya shit jumpin son fuck dem ho’s shit talkin do work halla MO’ City Louisiana Young Money halla if wayne ant the badest mofo then why ever mc wants him on there shit jay z ja rule fat joe I mean come on man be real with ya self just take it wayne the shit and you just mad because he better than your favorite mc

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