NYCKZ video dissing Ja Rule

(see the video inside)

for a dude that got stole on he sure is talking real reckless . and to make matters worse hes from Long Island …. since when did LI become tough.


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4 Comments on "NYCKZ video dissing Ja Rule"

  1. corpse of illwill on Mon, 12th Mar 2007 11:46 pm 

    smh at him talkin bout you can’t run his shit
    didnt the dude that stole on him say in an interview he robbed him too about a week or so later

  2. samrothstein on Tue, 13th Mar 2007 12:46 pm 

    i actually thought for a second this might be good, untill i found saw 13 sweaters that said “oh im stylin on you”

    if he gets rocked by a no namer, what is he gonna do with a guy like ja rule who actually does have gangster ties.

    hell i bet all 95 lbs of ja would whoop this dude up

  3. dwink_po on Mon, 11th Jun 2007 12:12 pm 

    why every body think ja is the gateway to stardom? it worked for 50 but this dude i dont think so he betta go at chingy or somthin maybe lil fizz lmao

  4. YaLLsiLLy on Sun, 3rd Jan 2010 5:29 pm 

    Yall Dumb silly i kno this nigga. and yeh i from L.I too! Fulton AvE

    I love ppl that talk recklace and dont kno shit. Slurp a dick bitch niggaz

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