Tyra banks recreates her infamous Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition

February 20, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see more pics inside)

Eff what you heard Tyra Banks is still a beast . Yeah shes older an put on a few more pounds but if your hood you can appreciate that . its not like her ass got smaller of her breasteses shrunk


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2 Comments on "Tyra banks recreates her infamous Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition"

  1. mia on Sun, 25th Nov 2007 8:58 pm 

    can you take a pic of yourself in a bikini or a speedo and say that you don’t look like a beast…. i am going to say that you can’t tyra is beautiful thin or not.

  2. stalbans&jamaica on Sat, 2nd Jul 2011 2:40 pm 

    Kiss her luscious knees

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