Audio of Eminems ex wife KIM exposing Eminem

February 16, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Eminem wife exposing him
(listen to the audio inside)


Eminems ex wifey does some closet cleaning of her own . Cant say i blame her though,…… These rappers need to strengthen their pimp hand, because theyre allowing these skeezas to get outta pocket. I Guarantee none of my current or ex chicks will ever try and expose me ( aint nothing to expose because im a boss in the streets)




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13 Comments on "Audio of Eminems ex wife KIM exposing Eminem"

  1. ghettoplatinum on Sat, 17th Feb 2007 7:18 pm 

    any body with decent vision could see em was still on drugs….

  2. Goon Squad on Mon, 19th Feb 2007 3:41 pm 

    feminem is a capt save a ho, i bet he wifes that crackkhead again

  3. britney_spears on Tue, 29th Jan 2008 6:29 pm 

    Kims a whore. She lies too much.

  4. nuha on Mon, 10th Mar 2008 11:13 pm 

    Kim is a liar

  5. KIMSUGLY on Sun, 16th Mar 2008 5:07 pm 

    shes ugly and taller than him …

  6. go kim on Sat, 10th May 2008 2:12 am 

    dammn she so smart,well spoken i like her now..fuck marshall that faggot stop whining about ur mom/family and make real songs.

  7. go slim on Tue, 25th Nov 2008 5:47 pm 

    KIM is a liar shes a fat fucking ho, eminem rocks, his songs are the best. they are more than real songs so shut up.

  8. oriol on Fri, 3rd Apr 2009 7:44 am 

    i’m fan of eminem he’s the best raper in the world but the girl in that picture his exwife is is is i dont know jajajajajajaja remember eminem is the best raper

  9. Lucie on Mon, 4th May 2009 9:03 am 

    She’s a liar, she hates her kids but he loves them!!
    She’s has even tried to slit him with a knife!

  10. carebear on Tue, 9th Jun 2009 1:46 am 

    alright i came across this and i can even tell you how….. im obviously not a super eminem fan but from my experience in my life it seems se is lieinq because whenever it is about marshell sh has EVERYTHING!! negative to say theres nothing positive……. but whenever it comes to her and her addiction she doesnt want to go into it it seems retarded personally!!!

  11. idk on Fri, 12th Jun 2009 8:59 pm 

    Eminem is real his songs make u think hes an excellent rapper sometimes he gets out of control but besides that he rocks

  12. Milla on Thu, 31st Dec 2009 3:36 am 

    Ya all just can’t accept someone can look good arent you? Makes you nasty looking fat bitches believe everyone is as ugly as you are right? Well find out there are beautiful and pretty people and ya all still gonna be nasty pieces of junk that no one needs unless you have something else to offer.

    Halla and you can hate on us as much as you want, we beautiful girls stay pretty and enjoy our lifes, while you waste yours to think about our “airbrushed” faces.

  13. martin on Mon, 31st May 2010 4:58 pm 

    she sounds like a right bitch and eminem is better off without her

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