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February 6, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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Nas new Video is kinda smooth peep the video inside . We was watching it down at the barbershop …when some cat asked , why did nas shoot the

video using a green screen back drop of QB instead of actually going back to QB . The whole barber shop just started laughing …. even lil ty knew the answer to that question. shout out to the fnm don reklezz b for the pic


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4 Comments on "NaS New video"

  1. jnoe187 on Wed, 7th Feb 2007 5:35 am 

    He cant do that in QB , Mega got a bounty on his azz..

  2. Pierre Esco on Wed, 7th Feb 2007 8:43 am 

    Man, whatever…I know a few hard head NY cats…niggas need to stop frontin in NY, handling your doesnt make you gangster, it makes you a man…needless to say, the song was a nice shout out to Queensbridge…Nas and Hova, we knew the world would react like this.

  3. Kid_Dajango on Wed, 7th Feb 2007 11:36 am 

    This article show’s why hip hop is dead.

  4. birdmane12 on Thu, 8th Feb 2007 1:57 pm 

    He cant do that in QB , Mega got a bounty on his azz..

    him and mega squashed dere beef dump ass

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