cam clowning 50 video

February 5, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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lol cam’ron is a jackass ….. peep the end of the video .


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4 Comments on "cam clowning 50 video"

  1. Belize on Mon, 5th Feb 2007 9:15 am 

    Cam is ignorant as hell…but I luv it. ….Killa!

  2. Pierre Esco on Tue, 6th Feb 2007 7:53 am 

    Man…that video made Cam’ron and Dipset look even more foolish…Dipset is wack…and what hurts me is that I used to dig Dipset….yesterday’s hot topic, but now you’re just garbage!

  3. op on Tue, 6th Feb 2007 1:42 pm 

    MAn! fuck 50 cent n fuck Cam`ron dont like them both ..n if u dont like my comment holla/ op from husby im out !

  4. Beaton Cakes on Tue, 6th Feb 2007 8:24 pm 

    Killa is a FOOL hahahahahahahahaha
    this shit is hilarious CURTISSSSS
    And why them nuccas laughin so hard at the end of the video!! hahahahahaha comedy

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