Super bowl Gospel show

February 4, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see more pics inside)

I know what im about to say is kinda wrong ….. but that sexy gosple shorty singing with patti is a sexy beast . matter of fact ive seen so many sexy gosple singers over the last few days …. I think i might make a “gosple sexy beast of the week ” post next week . the streets have demanded it


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One Comment on "Super bowl Gospel show"

  1. Francine on Fri, 30th Nov 2007 3:13 pm 

    I think this is a wonderful event to host during Superbowl weekend. I had the priviledge of attending this past year in Miami, and I was truly blessed by all the performers, especially the players. Tommie Harris gave a wonderful testimony about his season-ending injury and how God would bring him through it. It was such a blessing to see Tony Dungy and all the NFL players to take time out and give blessings and thanks to GOD who is truly the reason that they enjoy their careers. Keep up the good work- the line up was wonderful. Cedric and Bobby were exceptional hosts!


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