That Sexy Fox HOOPZ in the new BlackMens magazine

February 3, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see more pics inside)

Her body is mean but theres something about her face that im just not feeling . Sometimes she looks extra hot but other times her gril looks …. wack .

it looks like she got implants …. smh @ her using flav just for some fake tits …. nice tits if i might add


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10 Comments on "That Sexy Fox HOOPZ in the new BlackMens magazine"

  1. Belize on Sat, 3rd Feb 2007 12:06 pm 

    Thats cuz she look-y like a man…haaaaaaaaaaa

  2. jnoe187 on Tue, 6th Feb 2007 5:19 am 


  3. WHYEFORE on Thu, 8th Mar 2007 10:27 am 

    She is looking hot as hell in these pics…..I know of no straight man that would kick her out of is bed….

  4. kajones83 on Tue, 8th May 2007 9:13 pm 

    She cool body aint that popn so nothing special

  5. gerald on Thu, 29th Nov 2007 11:35 pm 

    hoopz man girl you look fine i wish i could fuck you up but give me an emil sexy

  6. keith jackson on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 11:13 am 

    watz up baby gurl wow i got 2 talk 2 u im 18

  7. keith jackson on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 11:14 am 

    watz up

  8. keith jackson on Mon, 17th Dec 2007 11:20 am 

    give me ur number #

  9. Trey on Thu, 19th Feb 2009 9:55 pm 

    You is sexy as hell i want to put you in my bed

  10. Ali on Sat, 21st Mar 2009 12:30 pm 

    sex yes

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