Pics from Brandys car accident …some one call AAA or Geico

January 30, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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(see more pics inside)

After seeing the pics from Brandys car accident its amazing anyone even survived . I was at the barber shop still getting over a hangover ….. actually i think shorty laced my blunt with some ooh whops .

anyway the cats in the barber shop said this was a prime example as to why women shouldnt be allowed to drive . my homie ty said his shorty crashed his truck into some parked cars . this hatian dude jean said some skeeo almost ran him over im like got damn . thats when this loud mouth dominican broad tried to scream on us saying not all women are bad drivers and she used danica patrick as an example . i was about to put her in her place but i had to go see my P.O ….and you know what i asked homie girl for a ride. What can i say she was pushing the new E class .

brandys insurance deductible is prolly sky high . i wonder what her premium is


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One Comment on "Pics from Brandys car accident …some one call AAA or Geico"

  1. Jeremy on Sun, 8th Mar 2009 11:44 pm 

    Wow, that’s quite a terrible car accident! It’s good to know it wasn’t fatal, but yeah, I bet that insurance will certainly go way up like you say!

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