Microsoft Released the Windows Vista OS today , are you upgrading

January 30, 2007 by Don Of Dons  
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I was at the check cash today getting a money order to pay my cell phone bill. When my homie Mohammed who sells bootlegg mixtapes and DVDS hit me with the “street version” of windows vista . He told me Vista

puts every operating system out right now to shame . i wasnt convinced so i just bought the evisu jeans he had instead . and some blue and white BAPES sneaker. and you know what i got it all for under $65 holla! ill try and talk my girl into copping an official version at office max later on this month. Anyways read up on Microsofts new os here if your intrested,127629-page,1/article.html#


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One Comment on "Microsoft Released the Windows Vista OS today , are you upgrading"

  1. Ammon-Ra on Tue, 30th Jan 2007 10:25 pm 

    LOL @ $65 for a pair of evisu and bapes, I feel like a dummy I paid 10x that for the same shit…

    Vista looks like Mac OS X to me

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