Jamie Fox & Fantasia performing at Madison Square Garden .

January 23, 2007 by Don of Dons  
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(see more pics inside) 

SMH home girl looks like shes snitching in that first pic . Anyway R&B star Fantasia and Oscar Award winner Jamie fox had a R&B concert in madison square garden . From the looks of it the show was far from sold out .

LMAO jamie fox looks like hes drunk or he has to take a number 2 .

fantasia takes some of the most funny pics ive ever seen . One pic she looks like shes doing the bare foot running man , another she looks like shes ducking shots from the 40 cal


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One Comment on "Jamie Fox & Fantasia performing at Madison Square Garden ."

  1. jnoe187 on Wed, 24th Jan 2007 8:31 am 

    man whats wrong with this female (fantasia) all crazii looking like a Raptor lol ugly

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