Daily Wrap Up …. Jigga swagga Jacks Diddy , Dame Dash lets loose (N/H) on Jay-z ,DJ Drama arrested for selling bootlegs

January 17, 2007 by Don of Dons  
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The Feds strong arms Dj Dramas Bootleg CDs , Alleged BMF affiliate Jacob the Jewler call on his rap freinds for defense , ……and more


check out the welcome to deathrow video …… yeah its old but so what . Suge was a beast lol


Jay-Z and his dog fur.











SMH @ Jigga swagger Jacking Puff by selling raccon dog fur on his coats . The bad part is if he spit it in one of his song everyone will go out and try to rock dog fur coats

Read more on Jay :


Best known for getting dumb ass rappers to spend most of their advance on Jewels . jacob now turns to the same rappers to testify in his defence when his case for money laundering goes to trial . Jigga , Puff , and sexy Mariah are some of the celebs jacob plans to call . Hopefully the rappers will remember how jacob over charged them in the past for low quality diamonds and other stones.

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The New York Post is reporting Fox Boogie has gotten a good probation report . I met her once on Nostrand and she was real cool but apparently she has a short fuse .

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The game claims he knew the Jakes was following him the day he was pulled over for impersonating PO PO .

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Allhiphop did a interview with dame . Dame talks about leaving the music industry , how hes hurt about what jay did to him an biggs and more .

 read the whole interview here:


SMH i think some one is snitching . Anyway the fedaralis Raided & arrested Dj Drama for bootlegging yesterday . The Feds strongarmed his PC’s , and his Bootleg cd in the raid .

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One Comment on "Daily Wrap Up …. Jigga swagga Jacks Diddy , Dame Dash lets loose (N/H) on Jay-z ,DJ Drama arrested for selling bootlegs"

  1. jnoe187 on Thu, 18th Jan 2007 5:35 am 

    As bling maestro Jacob The Jeweler prepares to head to federal trial, he might be enlisting the services of some big name stars. Diddy, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey and more could potentially be called to testify at the upcoming trial according to a media outlet. While it was reported in the past Jacob was being dissed by other past clients such as Kanye West, since then Busta Rhymes has come to the blingster’s defense noting he’s a “good guy.”

    .” MORE DRAMA: The RIAA is accusing DJ Drama and company of “selling illegal CDs” when over 90% of the CDs Drama puts out are supported; some are financed by recording artists and labels. Although DJs and recording artists worldwide are scratching their heads trying to figure out the actual cause behind the raid, a source from has an opinion: “The only conclusion I can come up with is that he was making the Gangsta Grillz albums…. and he had the masters. But when you think of DJs you know DJ Drama is on top; you never heard of a DJ Clue or a DJ Kay Slay or any other DJs having this kind of problem.
    .” MR. ME TOO: According to the Humane Society of the United States, Jay-Z’s Rocawear line – which produces “faux far” jackets – contains hair from raccoon dogs. Diddy recently came under fire for similar accusations, leaving companies such as Macy’s to remove the jackets from their shelves. There has been no word on how activists will move on Hova, but be sure to hear more from UW as this case moves forward.
    “A Lil bid told me all this”
    Thats why i always keep pigeons in my coup !

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