Weekend Wrap Up …DJ Carl Blaze Dies R.I.P

December 23, 2006 by Don of Dons  
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dj carl blaze dies ,footage from nas time square concert …diddy selling racoon dog fur , that skeeo miss navada, carmen sued , the wu get a new album deal , Rick Ross ghostwriting for Fat Joe? …and more


DJ Carl Blaze who was shot 13 times earlier this month has died . We send our condolences to the Family .

Read more here :


Wu Tang has signed a new deal with SRC . i for one dont care because for the most part the wu have fallen off cept for ghost and rae . only ppl still checking for the wu is 30 yr olds still stuck in 95

read more on the wu’s new deal :


the firm reunited on friday to help nas rock his times square concert . funny thing is all the nas fans that was calling the qb don Mega wack was all of the sudden calling him nice again LOL. any watch the video …. shout out to for the footage



LMAO puff allegedly was selling cloths made from racoon or dog fur . If true thats gangsta . Im tired of all the soft ass ppl out there caving into peta . matter of fact the dogs next door who be barking at all hours of the night . will make a nice christmas day gift for this chick who ive been trying to smash for the last couple of weeks . ill just grab my banga , my butcher knife  and a sewing kit ……… and walla im getting some cut . you broads are so shallow

read more on diddys coats here:


Uh oh carm is being sued for swagga jacking her book about nas , jigga , puff , pete rock ,and ai . lol karma is a beast isnt it carm

read more about carms lawsuit :


Former Terror Squad member triple seis , claims pun and him used to ghost write for Fat Joe . he even claims Rick Ross might be Ghostwriting for fat joe now . i dont believe it because im sure fat joe coulda came up with those wack rhymes hes spitting all by himself .

read triple seis interview here :



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One Comment on "Weekend Wrap Up …DJ Carl Blaze Dies R.I.P"

  1. birdmane12 on Mon, 15th Jan 2007 7:41 pm 

    i dont believe it because im sure fat joe coulda came up with those wack rhymes hes spitting all by himself .
    dat shit was hilarous rite dere

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