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December 11, 2006 by Don of Dons  
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  .Trina replacing Remey Ma in the  Terror Squad ?…ODB’s Wife takes Dame to Court , Gucci Mane signs a seven figure deal with Atlantic, Jay-z audio interview with Monie loves crew they tried to get jay mad just like they did with Jeezy , New Styles P AHH interview  & did mary mary compare Batty Bwoys to murderers and prostitutes? …..



Some dude sent me this pic of the baddestB—ch performing at some club in Miami. Allegedly Trina was at the club screaming out TS and said something slick about remey martin. now i for one dont believe it because trina dont look like shes dumb enuff to mess with remy .  …but you never know.


It seems ODBs widow is taking Dame Dash to court . 200 – 500,000 dollars are allegedly missing .

read more :


Wow Atlantic just signed Gucci Mane and his label Big Cat records to a 7 figure deal. I guess murking jeezys Man didnt scare off the label execs. I only heard one song from ole boy ”so icy” and i thought it was straight ass.

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gospel sensation Mary Mary made some comments that have some of their Gay fans in an uproar . I personaly dont see anything wrong with their comments , but apparently their gay gosple fans do . ….One question how can u be gay and listen to gospel ? ….

anyway read what they said here:

on a side note i need to go to church …because of the immoral thought going threw my head while looking at those sexy gosple singers



Jay did a interview with monie loves crew last week …. and the female ccohost (not monie) tried to rile jay up just like they did to the trapstar Jeezy. You can tell camel boy was getting a little ticked off with the female co host , but he managed to keep his cool 



p thinks if  Barak Obama gets elected president he would get bodied .





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2 Comments on "Todays Wrap Up…."

  1. anony on Mon, 11th Dec 2006 3:22 pm 

    how can you be a writer/blogger and not know how to spell gospel?


    you need english classes

  2. mk16 on Mon, 11th Dec 2006 11:11 pm 

    u see his swagger and why u gotta mention about how to spell correctly?

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