Nas BM on Whoo Kids show …. says kelis smells LMAO

December 6, 2006 by Don of Dons  
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nas bm letting it all out

I guess 50 wasnt lying when he said she smelled like a full court basketball game . Now ive never smelled kelis but after seeing a few of her pics i think they might be on to something

nas responds
…….. and carm responds to nas responce

kelis and jungle
one of my loyal readers sent this picture of kelis and i think the dude shes with is jungle (nas brother) im not sure but it looks like him to me .

judging from this picture i think 50 and carmen are telling the truth


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4 Comments on "Nas BM on Whoo Kids show …. says kelis smells LMAO"

  1. jnoe187 on Wed, 6th Dec 2006 1:11 pm 

    ahhhhhhh man does she look like a beast lmao dam wtf is NAS thinking dam , whats up with them funny ass costumes oh man and that grill dam she looks like she stinks . .
    CArman looks hot . .

  2. catrece on Fri, 8th Dec 2006 6:22 pm 

    Well, pictures say a thousand words and all I can say is….Damnnnnn…..looks like the milk in her shake went SOUR!

  3. MagnumPI on Sun, 24th Dec 2006 1:48 pm 

    Hold up, I’m lost with this one, aren’t Nas and Kelis togehter? And really the milk is sour in those pics man.

  4. moe on Fri, 11th Apr 2008 7:38 pm 

    this chick is hatin’ on kelis
    cuz she screwin’ her baby daddy.
    haha carman write a book about that.

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